Are you ready to scale your business and boost your profits by

adding online courses to your product line?


Join the 5-Day Sold Out Course Creator Challenge and learn how to convert your book or message into your own high-ticket online course. Go from selling $20 books to selling $2,000 -$5,000 online courses in less than a week with the same content you already have!



This five-day interactive training is the fast start training you need to launch your course today!


MYTH: Online courses require too much time, money, and content to build

FACT: You can build a course in less than a week using content you've already created


Every day you don't have an online course providing solutions to your clients

is another opportunity for them to enroll in a competitor's course that does.


Most authors and experts never see significant revenue from their work because they never get past just selling the book or booking the next speaking engagement.


Those professionals who truly know how to scale a business and attract enough customers for them to grow, use online courses to better serve their client, but to also boost their bottom line.


Creating a course is not as difficult as you think.

The 5-Day Sold Out Course Creator Challenge is like "course creation made easy".


No More Excuses! Enroll TODAY and get your first course up and running in a week!

The 5-Day Course Creator Challenge Gives You...

  • DAY 1: Why Are You Creating An Online Course

    Creating an online course is a great way to boost your revenue, but money cannot be your sole motivator. On Day One, you will hone in on your WHY and explore other benefits of creating a course. Assignment: Write your course mission statement.


  • DAY 2: Developing Your Course Outline And Structure

    On Day Two you will learn the different types of courses you can create and how to properly price each one. You will learn how to develop your course modules and flow of your course.

    Assignment: Complete your course modules outline.



  • DAY 3: Content Creation Made Easy For Your Course

    One of the biggest roadblocks preventing authors and coaches from starting their courses is the fear of creating content. On Day Three, we will show you how easy it is to create the actual content to fill in your course. Assignment: Map out your content creation.

  • DAY 4: Choosing The Best Platform To Host Your Course

    The type of course you procreate will determine which platform is best suited to host your course. All delivery methods are not created equal. Learn what options exist and how to choose the best platform for you. Assignment: Choose and setup your course hosting platform. 

  • DAY 5: Marketing Your Online Course

    On the final day of the challenge you will be ready to setup your marketing strategy to begin promoting your course. Learn sales writing tips to ensure your messaging creates to desire in your target market.

    Assignment: Write your promotional email and social media copy announcing the launch of your new course.


  • Live Coaching And Exclusive Content

    Download your Course Creator Challenge Workbook to use as your guide. Also, get live coaching and support in the exclusive Facebook Group.  


P l u s  T h e s e  B o n u s e s

The Private Challenge Facebook Group

Get exclusive access to the private Course Creator Challenge Facebook Group only for clients like you. Meet other like-minded course creators, discuss your daily assignments, and get live coaching only available in the group.


5-Day Challenge Workbook

Your 5-Day Sold Out Course Creator Challenge Workbook allows you to take notes during each session and is designed to walk you through the entire course creation process in real time.


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S u c c e s s  S t o r i e s

“The 5-Day Course Creator Challenge over delivered by making the process of course creation so simple. The course provided me with the confidence to move forward and create a course that will allow me to add a new stream of income. Each lesson made things so crystal clear. The course creates a clear path for you to succeed. The turning point was when Ryan illustrated how you can go from creating a course to creating a full business. That part was empowering.”

Silas Grant

Course Created: The Attraction Principle

“Course creation seemed like a daunting task prior to now. This course really simplifies the process. I truly enjoyed the course. It was an amazing value for the cost and provided so many ways to re-purpose materials for marketing. I felt as if I got a mini course in marketing along with a full course on course creation. I am really looking forward to launching my first course and already have ideas for others using your easy to implement system. I would recommend this course to any and everyone without question or hesitation.”

Dr. Catherine Jackson

Course Created: The 14-Day Wellness Reset

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